Restaurants, hotels & resorts

Post COVID you must be ahead of the competition to survive
Would a share of 4 million uncatered for travellers do it??

All our 360º tours are viewable using virtual headsets to give a truly immersive experience.

These can be combined with a virtual concierge giving a unique advantage

Your immagination is the only limit!

  • 360 views highlight cross-infection controls and staff training.
  •  Interactive menus and weekly specials.
  • Links to your website to allow online booking
  • Highlight special dietary options.
  • Showcase take-away menus
  • Increase confidence
  • Show compliance with recommendations

For larger establishments we charge on a time + travel basis

An example for a Leicester based restaurant shortly before the end of post-COVID lockdown demonstrating steps put in place to ensure client safety

Resorts & Hotels
  • Show your customers the steps you have implemented to ensure their safety
  • Show your customers what to expect
  • Show your customers how to use your facilities while maintaining social distancing
  • Show your customers you care

360º tours can be used internally as well as externally to showcase all your facilities.

Combine this with aerial drone footage to showcase and highlight your stunning location.

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