Connected TV

Connected TV refers to the device that is used to stream internet content. This could be a smart TV, or devices like Roku or Apple TV, which enable a TV to stream digital video.


Consumers of all ages are shifting to consume their content via CTV channels because CTV enables them to stream whatever they want, when they want. Compared to the small mobile or laptop screen, a CTV ad is more immersive and relaxed, and typically delivers significantly higher completion rates than desktop, laptop, or mobile viewing.


Elevate your brand visibility with television advertising

– it’s could be a game-changer.

Finding it challenging to expand your customer base? Ever considered joining the ranks of savvy entrepreneurs making waves on TV?  It could be the breakthrough your brand needs. Local advertising presents a dynamic and rewarding avenue for promoting your small business.


Revamp your advertising strategy with a contemporary twist through Connected TV.  Irrespective of your brand’s scale, Koloko offers an immersive platform to showcase your narrative, vision, and products to captivated audiences.

Television advertising costs involve two factors: ad spots between shows and rates for airing on specific channels.*

* Rates for smaller digital channels, typically range from £70 to £180 for daytime slots and £160 to £330 for peak time adverts.


Prime slots during shows like Good Morning Britain or Lorraine are £3,500 and £4,300 while mainstream channels cost anywhere from £1,100 to £2,200 for a 30-second spot during daytime programming while rates soar for popular shows during peak hours.





Webpage to include

  1. Detailed description
  2. Slide show
  3. Video
  4. Contact details
  5. Link to reviews
  6. A link to your own Booking Calendar


Display your own video (15-20 minutes) on our own Koloko Holiday TV on Roku.  



£49.99 per video


£539 per video

Package includes:

3 hours filming on-site


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